Navy Pier Flyover

Enhancing Chicago's Lakefront Trail

February 2021 Update

Crews recently finished installing the ornamental railing along the widened path and opened it to users on February 2, 2021. Work continues to complete the tunnels through the bridge houses. See photo below.


Work continues on the third, final segment of the Flyover. The east side of the Lake Shore Drive bridge is being retrofitted with a new cantilever structure that will widen the trail to eliminate the existing bottlenecks. Crews will also work on the pathway surface, ornamental railing and remaining connection details.

Construction of the tunnel openings continues with the installation of a new concrete deck and widened connections to the adjacent flyover bridges north and south of the river. Mechanical and electrical work within the north leaf are underway.  Work on the south leaf was completed and it was placed back into service ahead of the upcoming spring boat runs.

Daily closures on Upper Lake Shore Drive may still occur to allow access for work when needed.