Navy Pier Flyover

Enhancing Chicago's Lakefront Trail

October/November Update

In November, crews will complete a major portion of Phase II construction. The first three segments of the Flyover’s steel spine, which was fabricated off-site, will be installed.

    • Steel Spine 1: At the intersection of the Lakefront path and the Ogden slip
    • Steel Spine 2: At the ramp headed east towards Navy Pier
    • Steel Spine 3: At the connection of the main path to the existing trail north of the slip


On Nov. 2, a crane in DuSable Park will be used to position the first section of the steel spine over the Ogden Slip. The work will begin around 4 a.m. and should be completed by noon. During that time, the ramp from northbound upper Lake Shore Drive to Illinois St. will be closed until the steel piece is safely secured. Boat traffic within the slip will also be restricted.

The second segment of the spine will be positioned Nov. 3. There will be no traffic impacts but boat traffic within the slip will be restricted. This work should be completed during the day between scheduled boat runs into the slip.

The third section of the steel spine will be delivered Nov. 8 requiring a lane closure on northbound upper Lake Shore Drive. The right lane and the shoulder of northbound upper Lakeshore Drive will be closed during the delivery period from approximately midnight to 6 a.m. This spine section will connect the main path to the existing trail north of the Ogden slip. The work is not expected to impact boat traffic in the slip.

After the spine construction is complete, work over the slip will continue through the end of 2018. This will include installation of secondary structural steel items, deck forming, rebar and concrete placements. Shore-based equipment will be used for reaching over the slip to allow for boat traffic around the work operation.