Navy Pier Flyover

Enhancing Chicago's Lakefront Trail

March Update

The first and second segments of the Flyover remain open to all users of the Lakefront Trail while work on railings and other final details are finished on the second segment. All temporary barriers have been removed and final painting, electrical and cleanup work will be completed once weather allows.

The Flyover now extends from Ohio Street Beach over the intersection at Grand Avenue and Illinois Street, the Ogden Slip and DuSable Park, dropping down to connect the sidewalk on the lower level of Lake Shore Drive just north of the northern bridge house.

Crews continue to work on the third, final segment of the Flyover. They are retrofitting the east side of the Lake Shore Drive bridge with a cantilever structure. This structure will allow for widening of the trail to eliminate the existing bottlenecks on the path. This phase of the project also involves structural, mechanical and electrical repairs to the Lake Shore Drive bascule bridge.

Underground foundations that will support and protect the widened trail structure at the bridge houses have been completed, and the existing limestone has been removed where the widened trail will be constructed. Workers are now beginning to cut the openings in the existing bridge houses and starting structural steel modifications to install the widened trail.

Additionally, repairs to the center two lanes of the south leaf have been completed and the temporary Lakefront Trail and one northbound lane will be shifted into the center bay to continue construction on the east. Visit the Detours & Closures page to see the upcoming lane closures beginning March 16 through fall 2020.